How do I get answers and support from eMotimo ?

We created this help area to enable our customers to find answer as quickly as possible. We hope that you use this resource to try to find answers and solve problems before you contact support. We do our best to get back to our users within 24 hours, but sometimes we get bogged down.

If you need to reach out to support, please open a ticket by emailing In that email, please let us clearly know:

  1. When and where you purchased your eMotimo product.  If you have an order number it's appreciated.
  2. What settings you were using at the time.
  3. What camera / lens combination you were using.
  4. What resources you have used to attempt to solve this yourself.
  5. Your contact email / phone.

 As we address issues, we will likely ask for pictures / video to help us troubleshoot. If you already have this clearly shown in your opening ticket, we can likely address faster.

We do offer phone support as well, but need to have a ticket in our system that we can reference.  If you call us without an open ticket, we will ask you to call back after you have taken the above steps.



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